FM-2030 (Fereidoun M. Esfandiary) changed his name to one that was more forward looking. Asked about his nationality, he would reply that he was a global person, a citizen of the world. Asked about his age, he would inquire which part of his body were they inquiring about – with his 2 year-old hip, his implanted front tooth, he thought the question meaningless.

FM has an optimistic philosophy and many of his predictions were prescient. His latest book, Countdown to Immortality, contains a long list of his predictions. Countdown examines the burgeoning efforts to slow down aging and, in time, overcome death itself. What was once a science fiction dream with the advance of technology may fast become a reality.

The website contains articles by and about FM, interviews with FM and Larry King, Isaac Asimov and others, videos and recorded lectures, as well as photos, excerpts from his many non-fiction and fiction books, and other information about this remarkable man’s philosophy.

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