Identity Card Still Relevant

FM-2030 wrote Identity Card while living in Iran in the 1960s and had to smuggle the book out of the country to have it published. With good reason as it pinpointed the reasons for tyranny and oppression in that country. The book is set in an unidentified Middle Eastern country and could be anyone of the countries in revolution today. I was struck this morning as I read The New York Times article “In One Slice of Egypt, Daily Woes Top Religion” as it reveals a $2 bribe to enter a hospital and a $10 bribe to get an identity card. Fifty years later, Identity Card is as relevant today as the day it was written.

1 thought on “Identity Card Still Relevant

  1. leveni

    Just read Identity card. Iran hasn’t changed at all, in all these years and even with an Islamic regime change, Iranian culture is still the same as it was in 1966.
    Makes me wonder if culture will ever change.

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