Countdown to Immortality

Countdown to Immortality examines the burgeoning efforts to slow down aging and, in time, overcome death itself. Science, medicine and technology are on the fast track, conquering new frontiers, poised to unlock the essential secrets of life and death. What was once a science fiction dream is fast becoming a reality.

Are You a Transhuman?: Monitoring and Stimulating Your Personal Rate of Growth in a Rapidly Changing World

Our world is changing — quickly … transforming itself into a brave new age that will require new values, technologies, and lifestyles in this highly astute assessment of the years to come, controversial futurist FM-2030 shows you which attitudes and trends will survive — and which will go the way of the dinosaurs. You’ll discover- how sweeping social, economic, medical, political, and technological changes will affect the way people live, love, work, and play…and how some people, the “transhumans,” will make a smooth transition into this time — while others will be left behind. Most important, you’ll learn how the person you are today can make the most of the wonders of tomorrow.

Optimism One

Optimism One: The Emerging Radicalism

In this challenging book FM speaks with a unique comprehension of the Old World and the New. He defines the spirit of modern visionaries and youth, and in projecting radical trends he rejects resignation and despair, exhorts idealism and activism. FM’s optimism is revolutionary, daring in it imagination, unfettered by the past. He feels that, despite all the lingering ills that beset modern man the world has never been in better shape of poised on the threshold of greater hopes. He demolishes the cliche thinking of modern cynics and exhorts the reader to take into account the spectacular advances that have been made in all spheres of life.


This is a book about the dawn of a new and tremendously exciting new age of human development- the age that lies immediately before us. This is a book that goes past hope and faith, fiction and fantasy, to calm, reasoned convincing and supremely inspiring certainty. This is a book, a voice, a vision, that will make you eager to wake up tomorrow- and all the other tomorrows in a lifetime that may well last forever.

Up Wingers - A Futurist Manifesto


Here is a manifesto for Up-wingers-those who transcend right and left-wing philosophies. There are whole new dimensions of thought and action emerging which go far beyond Right and Left, far beyond conservative, liberal, and radical Left-dimensions which defy all our age-old philosophies and ideologies. Current breakthroughs are outside the range of all traditional philosophical, social, economic, political frameworks. We live in the most revolutionary and promising era in our history. Suddenly everything is possible. Pessimism is Old World and reactionary. We are at the beginning of the Age of Optimism.

Identity Card

In a narrative where tragedy begs to be masked by comedy, F.M. Esfandiary conveys the consequences and realities of Iranian life. In an attempt to flee the underdeveloped, bureaucratic country, a Middle Easterner searches for every possible way to obtain an identity card that will allow him to leave Iran. In this comic masterpiece we follow this alienated man on a journey to freedom against the backdrop of a society dominated by ceremonious formalities, politeness, responsibility and confusion. Iranian-born Esfandiary further develops the themes and ideas of his first two novels, one of which has been required reading for the American Foreign Service, as he sheds light on a culture and a lifestyle that are a mystery to many.

The Begger

The Beggar

On the surface, this is the story of a crippled beggar in an Arab village. Beneath the surface this is a parable of justice. It is concerned with the concept of punishment. The theme is universal. This is an allegory on what FM calls “the absurdity of punishment-all punishment particularly in view of man’s essential tragedies.”

The Day of Sacrifice

The Day of Sacrifice

A story of political idealism and senseless terror. set in a vortex of trouble in the Middle East. This is a powerful timely novel about the forces of ferment in the Middle East. As timely today as it was when it was written. “…What is so impressive about the book is the remarkable assurance with which it is written, the remarkable professional and philosophical assurance of say, Albert Camus…I find it a most distinguished novel on a most important theme…”Punch London

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