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Sorry, We’re Here for Eternity

Soon it will be possible to extend human life indefinitely. After thousands of years of desperate struggle against death and deepest anguish at its inevitability there is at last .hope of winning that struggle. In research centers around the world efforts are now accelerating to overcome aging and, in time, death itself. Download Article Published […]

A Plague on Both Your Tribes

The Arab-Israeli quarrel is developing into a monumental bore. While East and West Europeans, North and South Koreans, Indians and Pakistanis, American and Russians, Chinese and Japanese are all rapidly patching up their differences, the Arabs and Israelis, acting like adolescents, refuse to resolve their wasteful 25-year-old brawl. Download Article Published by the New York […]

An End to The Cries Of Despair

This is the most promising and revolutionary era in our entire evolution. A spirit of hope and commitment is surging around the world. But in the United States a deep gloom hangs over the people. Americans are acquiring a reputation as the world’s greatest cynics and pessimists. Download Article Published by the New York Times […]