Countdown to Immortality

An addition to the trilogy of Optimism One, Telespheres and Upwingers.

Countdown to Immortality examines the burgeoning efforts to slow down aging and, in time, overcome death itself. Science, medicine and technology are on the fast track, conquering new frontiers, poised to unlock the essential secrets of life and death. What was once a science fiction dream is fast becoming a reality.

“Let us not be afraid of vision and hope. It was the daring of visionaries that has brought us this far — from gloomy primordial marshes to where we are today — reaching for the galaxies reaching for immortality”FM-2030

“A man with a light in his eyes. He is a hailstorm of ideas… He would green the planet, colonize other planters, rebuild the human body, and conquer death.”Michael Kernan, The Washington Post

“The exhilarating voice of a new, non-mystical consciousness and a new, non-petty politics… FM-2030 dares us to step outside our encaged historical selves and leap to a new stage of evolution.”Alvin Toffler

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