1 thought on “Among Futurists, A Prophet of Boom; A Futurist Foresees Better Times

  1. Mark Plus

    So what happened to that “life-support suit” FM said he had in the works in the 1970’s and would come onto the market in the mid-1980’s?

    I realize FM didn’t have a background in science, medicine or engineering, but many successful inventors work with people who have the expertise they lack. It looks like FM just played around with this idea on paper but never did anything to try to turn it into real hardware.

    Interestingly enough, lately we’ve seen the emergence of medical applications for smart phones and tablet PC’s. Some medical schools and hospitals have even started to integrate iPads into their teaching (as a substitute for paper textbooks) and medical practice. The right apps on a smart phone could provide the telemedical functions for a practical “life-support suit.”

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